Iran Silicate Industries

The first producer of silicate sodium and potassium in Iran

We have a long history of working with major companies in various industries such as Detergents, Metal Casting, Ceramic Tiles, Cardboard Box and Container Manufacturing, Electrode, Agriculture, Drilling, and other industries

Brilliant record

providing the best service to customers

The best products on the market

Iran silicate industries attempts on of the best products in the market by having furnaces equipped in the production of different types of silicates in terms of diversity in fillet and purity

Safety and time

Considering standard methods of transportation and security of goods, has to save order delivery time, which also has brought customer satisfaction anywhere in the world

international standards

by cause of the company’s stress on complying with international standards in regard to the quality of its products, the quality assurance by the QC unit of various and related industries has it too

Packaging and delivery of products

according to the volume and type of product in the field of transportation and delivery of domestic and foreign orders, Silicate Company, by designing and manufacturing various packages has put an optimal effect at the forefront of its order transportation structure


Company Profile

Iran silicate industries Group, as the first producer of solid and liquid sodium and potassium silicates, has been able to satisfy the customers need due to the high quality and high production capacity of products.

Silicates are widely used in many industries due to their alkaline phase and mineral polymer properties. Accordingly, it can be claimed that all humans have used these materials at least once a day.

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Company Products

Wide use of products in various industries, including detergent industry, steel casting, ceramic tiles, carton making, electrosynthesis and agriculture, drilling industries, etc.

sodium silicate in detergents

Quality Policy

Iran Silicate Industries Company has long-term goals for itself in various organizational fields, taking into consideration the needs, needs and up-to-date standards of the world of industry and trade. According to the company’s emphasis on complying with international standards regarding the quality of its products, it also has quality approval by the QC unit of various and related industries.

According to the capacities available in this company, all kinds of sodium and potassium silicates are used domestically and also as export products approved by foreign markets. Looking to the future and setting targets in its research and development department, this company seeks to expand and generalize the use of its products in various industries.

Company standards

Iran silicate industries, considering the resources needs and up-to-date standards of the world of industry and trade, has long-term goals in various organizational fields

Uses of silicate sodium in industries

Wide use of our products in various industries

Silicate is one of the most useful materials in the production of corrugated sheets, boxes of cartons and cardboard. Sodium Silicates are first applied on thin layers of recycled papers. Then, cartoon sheets or cardboard layers are produced from papers of the previous stage. Sodium Silicates with a ratio of 2.4 can be used in this industry (production of cartons and cardboard).

This product is used in the production of detergents. Other applications of sodium silicate in detergent and cleanser industries include the production of moulded soaps, versatile cleaning and disinfecting sprays, and a variety of liquid detergents due to their detergent, anti corrosion, stain removal, and other characteristics. The ratios of silicate consumed in these industries are 1.9 to 2.1.

Sodium Silicate can be employed to increase the adhesion of paper pulp in gluing cardboard boxes. Sodium Silicate can also be used in the packaging stages of numerous industries, especially detergents. The ratio of Sodium Silicate consumed for the above processes is equal to 2.4.

Sodium Silicate is applied, as a suitable bonding agent for sand particles, in the manufacture of moulds to make silica bodies in the Metal Casting Industries. The optimum ratios in these industries are at ranges of 2.2-2.4.

Sodium Silicates, with ratios of 3.1 to 3.2, are employed in paper and cardboard industries for the production of pulp and are considered as increasing adhesion factors (pulp texture enhancer) in the pulp texture. This material is also widely used in the preparation of paint inks.

Sodium Silicate has several applications in the drilling industry. This material, as admixtures to cement, is used for the Drilling, Waste Management, a process called fixation. The Ratios used in the above industry are equal to 2.6-2.5.

In ceramic and tile industries, soil particles are initially mixed and homogenized using a 3 ball mill, in which Sodium Silicate is used as a lubricant to facilitate the flow of slurry and increase drying propertied of products in ratios of 2.2 to 2.3.

Sodium Silicate, with the formation of Silicate complexes with a thickness of 1mm on the surfaces, it can be used as concrete curing and cementing compounds in the production process of cement and concrete blocks. Sodium Silicate accelerates the reaction of calcium with silicate in cement and is used as a cement accelerator. For example, strong accelerators are needed for injected cement and cement blocks during installing cement blocks in the construction of tunnels with a TBM machine, which this process is achieved by adding Sodium Silicate. The ratios used in such industries are equal to 2.6, 3-3.2.

In the production of the sponge iron process, called direct reduced iron (DRI), pure powders obtained by the reduction process are combined with lime and
Sodium Silicate under the briquetting press that can be used in the electric arc melting process. It should be noted that a ratio of 3.2 is used in this process.

Coating, covering, and flux coating of electrodes are made from different materials. Potassium Silicate is one of the most well-known materials that can be applied to form the electrode paste. Next, it is pressed on metal bars by special 4 mechanical or hydraulic presses. Since different types of electrodes are produced in this industry, several ratios of Potassium Silicate are available In specific ranges of 1.6, 2 and 2.4.

Increasing the yield and fertility of numerous crops such as cereals, especially rice, vegetables, and fruit trees, enhancing resistance to abiotic (environmental) stresses, such as extreme heat, cold, drought, and salinity, are the main functions of Potassium Silicate. In addition, improving post-harvest shelf life and storage properties and enhancing taste, colour, texture, and appearance quality of fruits are considered as other positive features of this product.


About Company

Iran Silicate Industries Company with more than 30 years of experience in the production of sodium and potassium silicates with an annual production capacity of 150,000 tons and as the only company with the possibility of liquid and solid production with an eye on quality along with the amount of production with a scientific approach and technical was founded and launched by experts.

As the oldest and most experienced manufacturer, this company has always been chosen as a priority to cooperate with the leaders of various industries, such as the detergent industry, steel casting, tile and ceramic, carton making, electrical engineering and agriculture, drilling and other industries. Is. This company provides the best products in the market by having furnaces equipped to produce all kinds of silicates in terms of diversity in ratio and degree of purity.

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