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Iran Silicate Industries Company was established in 1983 in the field of production of various types of sodium and potassium silicates with the support of 38 years of production. From the beginning and starting its activity, this company has a significant share in supplying sodium silicate required in the detergent and steel industries of the country and other consumers, as well as supplying potassium silicate required for electrode production industries in Qazvin province. What is more, the quality of its products along with increasing the quantity of its products, and in this regard, it has planned the following strategic organizational goals:


  • Increasing the satisfaction of customers and stakeholders of the organization: Customers are the focus and guarantor of our survival and progress. The stakeholders of the organization are the guardians of the survival of the organization and meeting their needs and expectations is of great importance.
  • Improving the level of technical knowledge and awareness of personnel in the field of safety, health and environment: We believe that in the shadow of regular and effective training, while reducing waste, due to the widening horizon of personnel, the quality of products will increase.
  • Identify, eliminate, reduce or control the environmental aspects of the organization’s processes: for personnel and to reduce accidents at work and increase the safety factor of workers.
  • Development of sales of products in domestic and export markets, reduction of reactivity and increase of production efficiency of our products, while reducing material and product waste during processing, will provide employment and activity for all personnel.
    Quantitative and qualitative development of product production: in order to comply with environmental requirements and increase compliance with regulations and laws related to the environment and attract more customers and increase market share at the international level.
  • Identify safety hazards and reduce occupational accidents in the organization
  • Involve all stakeholders in the ongoing improvement of the health and safety management system and the environment

I hereby declare my commitment to the company’s quality policy and to meet the requirements or demands, as well as to maintain the effectiveness and continuous improvement of the quality management system.

All employees of the company should understand the quality policy of the company and all should make serious efforts to achieve it.

In order to maintain compliance with the company’s mission and principles, this policy is reviewed at the beginning of each year.

This policy will be communicated to the beneficiaries of the organization by installing it in the organization and informing through the site and virtual networks.

Mr. Farzad Rad

Managing Director of Iran Silicate Industries Company