Sodium silicate

Buying sodium silicate in solid, liquid and powder form:

Sodium silicates are one of the most widely used alkaline silicates in industry. Iran Silicate Industries Group, as the first producer of sodium silicate in the country, is a supplier of various types of liquid, solid and powder sodium silicates based on the needs of different production industries. The company has always emphasized the production of quality products based on current world standards, and the satisfaction of our customers in buying sodium silicate is a seal of approval for this claim.

Ordering registration and buying sodium silicate:

Iran Silicate Industries Group is a manufacturer of sodium silicates based on international standards. The company’s products are in different packages that are selected based on the volume and type of product; They are offered to customers by observing safety tips. Proper packaging in a safe and standard way, prevents harmful reactions in the product and thus the product in any volume and size, remains completely healthy, without any changes.

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