sodium silicate liquid

Buying silicate sodium liquid online or in person from Iran Silicate Company is easily possible by observing all the principles in terms of safety, proper packaging and immediate delivery time. Iran Silicate Group always tries to increase the quality of silicate sodium liquid production in order to take an effective step to increase the shelf life of all products in the chemical industry. Yes, it is true. We believe that as much as it is possible for industry owners to buy silicate sodium liquid  professionally and in compliance with all the principles of international standards, we will also see increasing progress in the industrial sector of Iran.

Buying silicate sodium liquid in the following sections for all industry owners who care about the quality of their product; It is possible.

IS55 packing adhesive, which is often used in the cartoning industry.

Filtered neutral adhesive is used in industries such as electrode making, concreting, paper making and tunneling. silicate sodium alkaline liquid is used in the manufacture of detergents, including soap.

 silicate sodium liquid with a ratio of Ratio 2/45 – 6/6, which is widely used in the cartoning, tiling and casting industries.

If you have any questions about buying silicate sodium liquid  you can contact the phone numbers available on the site to experience the best and most cost-effective buy of silicate sodium liquid receiving free consultation from the sales experts of Iran Silicate Company.

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