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Silicate Potassium  is widely used in a variety of industries. This combination is used in various shapes and forms. For example, silicate potassium fertilizer has a special place in agriculture. This fertilizer, which is a combination of silica and potassium, is sprayed on agricultural products as a supplement and solution.

 Silicate Potassium fertilizer prevents soil erosion because soils lose a significant amount of silica and potassium during repeated harvests. This is where silicate potassium fertilizer acts as a soil conditioner. This is only part of the application of silicate potassium fertilizer in agriculture. For more information, stay with us at Iran Silicate until the end of the article.

Benefits of silicate Potassium Fertilizer in Agriculture

The use of silicate potassium fertilizer in agriculture improves the yield of trees. The benefits of this fertilizer in agricultural products are as follows:

 Improves the greenness of the plant

Direct sunlight burns the leaves of trees. This destroys the greenness of the plants. Sometimes the sunlight is so much that it even damages the texture of the fruit and darkens its appearance.

This is where silicate potassium fertilizer acts as a lifeline for agricultural products and prevents excessive drying of tree leaves by removing vital elements (silica and potassium). The greener the plant, the higher the quantitative and qualitative growth of the crop.

 Silicate Potassium fertilizer increases the shelf life of products

The higher the silica and potassium content of agricultural products; They will stay in the warehouse longer. Silicate potassium fertilizer prevents spoilage and loss of fruits and nuts.

Increases plant resistance

Fertilizer containing silicon and potassium; Increases plant resistance to attacks by organisms such as mites, worm-eaters and aphids. It is interesting to know that with the use of  silicate potassium fertilizer in agriculture, the plant’s resistance to natural factors such as soil salinity, frost, heat, etc. also increases. In principle, when the plant cell wall is strengthened with silica and potassium-rich fertilizers; The resistance of the plant goes up by itself.

Reduces pests and diseases of plants

 Silicate potassium fertilizer controls plant pests. In principle, it provides a suitable substrate for insulating plants against diseases such as verticillium wilt, powdery mildew. Even after the course of the disease, the plant helps to repair and rebuild the walls.

Prevents plant curvature

When the trunks and branches of trees reach the stage of increasing their length; They may have problems such as bending or twisting. The use of silicate potassium fertilizer adjusts the angle of the branches and leaves to normal. The reason for this is to increase the thickness of the plant cell wall using  silicate potassium fertilizer. The thicker the cell wall, the lower the curvature of the plant.

Increases fruit size

When fruits are deficient in potassium; They may be smaller than normal and may even be pale. The application of  silicate potassium fertilizer increases the metabolic process of fruit trees; This helps to increase the size of the fruit and at the same time makes them sweeter. So it can be said with certainty that this fertilizer improves the quality and appearance of exported fruits.

 Silicate potassium fertilizer increases the growth of ornamental and potted plants

Potted plants usually do not grow well compared to cultivated plants due to lack of nutrients in this sample of plants. The use of  silicate potassium fertilizer enriches the potting soil with the elements silica and potassium; Therefore, over time, you will see the quantitative and qualitative growth of the plant.

 Silicate potassium fertilizer increases the growth of ornamental and potted plants

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The quality and purity of  silicate potassium has a great role in the effectiveness of this fertilizer on agricultural products. Iran Silicate Company has taken an effective step in fertilizer and agriculture industry by producing solid silicate potassium 2.2. To register an order and get a free consultation, call the phone numbers available on the site.

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