sodium silicate for the skin

What is the application of using sodium silicate for the skin?

You may be surprised to hear the use of sodium silicate for the skin; Because many people when they hear the word chemical or chemical product, they think that this substance is a harmful product or has side effects for the skin, but this is not the case, because sodium silicate is a substance that has many benefits for the skin. To prove this, we must say that this substance is widely used as an additive or as an ingredient in cosmetics and skin care such as soap.

In the article Iran Silicate, to put an end to these doubts, we intend to discuss the use of sodium silicate for the skin. We want to know how sodium silicate helps keep skin healthy. Is the use of  sodium silicate for the skin beneficial or does it have serious side effects?

sodium silicate for the skin
sodium silicate for the skin

What is the use of sodium silicate for the skin?

But with regard to the application of  sodium silicate for the skin, we must say that cosmetic manufacturers have done the studies that we have mentioned below.

sodium silicate applications for the skin increases the production of collagen and elastin of the elderly.

  • Due to its exfoliating properties, it makes the skin color clearer and lighter.

The use of this substance increases the absorption of components, vitamins and other nutrients in skin care products.

  • Due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it is effective in reducing pimples and acne.

Used as a pH modifier and stabilizer and as a lifting agent for the eye area.

Tips for applying  sodium silicate for the skin

According to the above, we can say that the most important application of  sodium silicate for the skin is in the repair and regeneration of skin cells, but to reduce side effects such as skin irritation and irritation, we must also follow the tips when using  sodium silicatefor the skin.

sodium silicate is a caustic; Therefore, it should be combined with emollients and moisturizers such as polyurethane silicates such as bentonite, hectorite, aluminum silicate, magnesium, propylene, butylene glycol and glycerin.

  • Do not inhale this substance and do not apply it purely on the skin.
  • If you use it as an eye contour, it should preferably be in the blue phase.

Note the final pH of the combination of sodium silicate with emollients; Because acid and base excretion damages the skin tissue.

Given the widespread use of  sodium silicate for the skin, if you are one of the manufacturers of cosmetics;

You can order the best silicate sodium with various resins from Iran silicate.

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