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Silicates are a group of negatively charged chemical compounds that are found in abundance in the Earth’s crust. Silicates are strong anions whose negative charge is neutralized by a cation. If you have any questions about the molecular structure of silicates as well as the production methods of this valuable compound, join us to get information about silicate adhesive and its widespread use in the industry.

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What is Silicate adhesive?

As mentioned, silicate is a strong anion that forms a neutral compound next to a cation. In a normal way in the molecular structure of silicate, the silicon atom is placed between four oxygen atoms. The bond between silicon and oxygen is super strong and that is why its quadrilateral shape has been very regular and stable.

If silicates want to bond, they bond by sharing their oxygen atoms.

This valuable and practical compound was discovered by »Van Helmont« in 1640 and entered many industries with this description that sodium silicate adhesive is an alkaline and soluble substance.

This chemical compound, called glass water, is also used in different solid form.

The widespread use of this material in industry has caused a significant increase in the acceptance and percentage of demand for the purchase of silicate adhesives.

The most essential features of sodium silicate are:

  • High adhesion strength of sodium silicate, this material has become one of the most practical products in various industries, such as the production of cardboard and cardboard, the production of napkins and towels, as well as the production of fibrous drums.
  • Silicate adhesive is used in the production of ceramics as a very steady disinfectant.
  • The high coagulation power of liquid silicate adhesive makes it a very satisfying desiccant in the production of detergents.

    Methods of producing solid and liquid silicate adhesive

    Sodium silicate adhesive is produced in two ways.

    • Dry method
    • moist method

    In the dry method, sodium silicate adhesive is produced in large furnaces, such as glass melting furnaces. This process begins with the combination of a mixture of sand and sodium carbonate at very high temperatures and the melting of these two substances. commonly, the oven temperature rises up to 1450 ° C.

    It can be said that insoluble sodium silicate is formed at this temperature and the combination of the percentage of mixture of sand and sodium carbonate is very influential for the production of quality products.

    In the dry method, the sodium silicate produced will have a light blue or green color due to the very low percentage of some metal impurities.

    In a moist method, a reactor is used to produce this chemical compound. In this process, silica and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) enter the reactor under specific laboratory conditions. In the next step, powdered silica is added to the reactor through large conveyors and in combination with soda and water, the process of producing sodium silicate begins.

    In this method, after the process is completed, the products are transferred to the settling tank and then dried to obtain sodium silicate crystals.

    Accuracy in the production of silicate adhesive and accurate measurement of raw materials is one of the most essential factors in the production of liquid sodium silicate adhesive and quality solid sodium silicate adhesive.

Uses of sodium Silicate adhesive in industry

Sodium silicate adhesive is known by the acronym Na2SiO3 and has also been introduced in industries with names such as glass water or liquid glass.

The density or sodium silicate ratio is the most critical factor for using this compound in various industries.

Now it is time to look at the widespread use of this chemical in the industry

The most important applications of powder and liquid sodium silicate adhesives are:

  • This chemical is used in the detergent industry as a coagulant. in conjunction with the production of detergents, this product is also used in the production of soaps, cleaning sprays and other products of the health industry.
  • Casting silicate adhesive is used in the foundry and smelting industries as a powerful adhesive for forming molds as well as a cleaner.
  • Carton silicate adhesive or the same as silicate adhesive is one of the most widely used materials in the production of cartons. This glue is used to connect carton sheets. Perhaps the reason for this high reception is the reasonable price and also the high quality of this combination.
  • In the construction industry and to accelerate the drying process of cement, silicate adhesive is used in combination with cement.
  • This chemical compound is also widely used in the construction of tunnels. In the construction of tunnels, the most important issue is the formation and strengthening of cement blocks as soon as possible, and sodium silicate makes this important easily and in the shortest time.
  • Other applications of liquid silicate include car repair shops, this chemical combination of adhesive and sealant is very powerful in repairing car parts.
  • In cases where eggs need to be stored for a long time, liquid silicate as a preservative can prevent egg spoilage for up to 5 months.
  • The use of silicate adhesive when using concrete and combining it with concrete, will prevent these valuable materials from cracking over time.

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Analysis of sodium Silicate adhesive produced in Iran’s silicate industry

When buying silicate adhesive, it is very decisive to pay attention to the composition of the percentage and other characteristics of this composition.

Sodium silicate produced in Iran’s silicate industry is one of the best products in the country.

If you decide to buy this practical and valuable chemical compound, the analysis of sodium silicate adhesive of Iran Silicate Industries Company is as follows.

Sodium silicate with the molecular formula Na2SiO3 is produced in clear white color. This chemical compound is marketed with a density of 1.440-1.460 kg / m3 and a boom of 44-45.5.

Produced silicates include sodium silicate with a ratio of 2 to 2.15 and a concentration of 38.5 to 40.5%.

Note: All of these items can be changed and customized based on customer’s request.

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The best sales markets for silicate adhesives in Iran

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Since this chemical compound is one of the most essential elements in many industries and the quality of the product produced depends on the percentage of purity and quality of silicate adhesive, so it can be said that buying a quality product is of particular importance.

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