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Everything from the production to the sale of sodium silicates liquid

sodium silicate liquid is one of the most important materials used in the manufacture of many chemical products. This material has a wide range of applications while being simple. In this article from Iran Silicate, we intend to talk about a comprehensive review of sodium silicate liquid, its price and how to sell it. If you are the owner of any industry, whether young or aged, and you intend to buy or sell sodium silicate liquid, stay with us until the end of the article to receive up-to-date and useful information in this field.

sodium silicate liquid

Learn more about sodium silicate liquid

  • It is a kind of inorganic chemical compound.
  • Non-flammable; Therefore, it has a high resistance to heat increase (+1200 degrees).
  • Not toxic and deadly.
  • Cannot explode.
  • Its pH is about 12-13, which means it is alkaline.
  • High resistance to friction and wear.
  • Resistant to water and adverse weather conditions.

Prevents rusting of metals

  • It has high permeability and easily penetrates into small gaps to increase the strength of structures.
  • It has a low price.
  • Easy to use and homogenize with other materials.

All these factors go hand in hand to name this product as the mother of other chemical products.

wide applications of sodium silicate liquid in industry

Sodium silicate liquid is considered to be the major structural component in many chemical products. In this section, we want to refer to a small part of the application of sodium silicate liquid in industrial jobs.

This chemical compound helps water treatment systems perform coagulation processes better and faster.

  • Prevents the formation of lamination in systems that use metal pipes.

It is used as a source of soluble silica in the production of titanium dioxide and as an auxiliary product in the stabilization and dispersion of pigments and inks.

  • In ceramic materials, sodium silicate liquid is mainly used as a detoxifying agent and reducing thermal energy consumption in the baking process.

Used in the textile industry as a hydrogen peroxide stabilizer.

  • It is used as a flocculent in the process of obtaining minerals such as sand, quartz, fluorite, barite, calcite, dolomite, kaolin, etc.
  • It is also used as a raw material in the manufacture of silicone rubber.

Note: These different properties and characteristics in sodium silicate liquid provide a suitable platform for solving economic problems in the chemical industry; Because although they have a good quality; Using them is quite affordable.

describe selling sodium silicate liquid for different industries

For selling liquid sodium silicate should be done according to certain principles and rules, and considering these criteria will help buyers to ensure the safety and quality of the purchased product. In this section, we are going to point out the important points in the process of selling sodium silicate liquid.

  • Determine the exact percentage of sodium silicate liquid.
  • Maintain the safety of all sales processes.
  • Ability to send the product to different parts of the world.
  • Provide sales invoice.
  • Variety in selling sodium silicates liquid.

Determine the exact percentage of sodium silicate liquid

One of the I most important criteria for selling sodium silicate liquid is that the customer is aware of the percentage of purity of sodium silicate liquid he needs. In principle, the application of sodium silicate liquid in various industries must be precisely determined.

Note: The higher the amount of liquid glass in the production of an industrial product, the higher the strength and hardness of that product.

 Iran Silicate sales experts recommend that when selling sodium silicate liquid, the costumer should get information about the percentage of silicates for the production of various chemical products. Here are some examples of them:

  • If the percentage of sodium silicate liquid is in the range of 1-2, it can be used to produce health products and detergents.
  • If the percentage of this chemical compound is 2.5-3, it is used for the production of tiles, ceramics as well as in the foundry industry.
  • If the percentage of this chemical compound is in the range of 3.5, it can be used as a raw material in the production of adhesives and many other industries.

From the above, it can be concluded that the owners of the adhesive and steel industries need sodium silicate liquid with a higher percentage than other cases.

obeying all sales steps

To be successful in optimizing selling sodium silicate liquid, you need sales elements that include proper product packaging, timely delivery, compliance with international standards, safety and quality assurance; Absolutely observed. Paying attention to the above points creates a sense of security and confidence in the buyer and seller during the transaction.

Ability to send the product to different parts of the world

Selling sodium silicate liquid has also been overshadowed by advances in science and technology, so that a reputable company after registering a buyer’s order should be able to send this product to the mentioned address, and for this it must be equipped with a new warehousing and transportation system. Advanced citation. It is worth mentioning that Iran Silicate Company, in addition to the ability to send products to different parts of the country, is able to export them even to important countries in Europe and the Middle East.

Provide sales invoice

Submitting an invoice when selling sodium silicate liquid makes the transaction legally and criminally valid. In addition, through the sales invoice, the buyer can easily receive information about the weight in kilograms or liters and product analysis to Make sure the price is correct. Iran Silicate Group is at the service of esteemed buyers with a commitment to the principles and rules of selling sodium silicate liquid.

Variety in selling sodium silicates liquid

Selling sodium silicate liquid is on the basis of certain grades. The company should be able to provide both adhesive and liquid alkaline grades for the buyer to benefit from the variety of products. Meanwhile, Iran Silicate Company has expanded the products of this product to maintain quality in selling sodium silicate liquid. This collection produces and supplies this chemical compound in the following examples.

IS55 packaging adhesive, also called carton or laminate adhesive.

Liquid neutral adhesive is supplied in both filtered and unfiltered forms. This product is used for all industries such as paper making, bridge making, concrete making, etc.

Liquid sodium alkaline silicate is widely used in the detergent industry.

sodium silicate liquid is sold with a 2.3–6 ratio. This product can be used in most industries of casting, metallurgy, carton making, etc.

What factors determine the sodium silicate liquid price?

Today, due to the fluctuations in the foreign exchange and dollar markets, as well as the export of this product, we must say that the sodium silicate liquid price also changes under the influence of external factors, and when buying, you should contact selling sodium silicate liquid experts to inquire about prices.

 But apart from these issues, the main factors in the sodium silicate liquid price can be mentioned as follows.

  • Ratio
  • Solid content
  • Density or boom

In the following, we will become more familiar with the common terms when selling sodium silicate liquid and examine how these items are related to the technical analysis of the product; They can affect the sodium silicate liquid price.


Ratio represents the weight ratio of SiO2 to Na2O in sodium silicate. Meanwhile, the molar mass is approximately equal to the weight mass because of the proximity of the molecular mass of SiO2 to Na2O. In sodium silicate solutions, the molar ratio is only 1.03 times the weight ratio. The sodium silicate liquid price varies according to the amount of residue. Also, when buying it, you should be aware of the amount of residue to produce your desired product. Here are some examples to guide you.

  • For the production of beverage detergents 1.9 to 2.1
  • Mold casting with carbon dioxide gas 2.2 to 2.5
  • In the production of ceramic as a lubricant, 2.2 to 2.4
  • In recycling paper 2.5
  • To de-ink the file 3.2
  • Construction of a tunnel for the strength of residual cement 3.2
  • Residual cardboard tube 2.5 to 3
  • In shotcrete cement residual 2
  • Curing concrete parts 2.6 to 3
  • Briquette making 3 to 3.2

Solid content

Considering the solids content is a major criterion in calculating the sodium silicate liquid price in many industries, including the detergent industry. Solid solution is the sum of the weight percent of SiO2 and Na2O in sodium silicate solution. The higher the solids content. The thicker the solution, the stronger the adhesion; Therefore, the sodium silicate liquid price will be higher; Therefore, owners of industries related to the production of adhesives should not neglect to consider this criterion when buying sodium silicate liquid.

Density or boom

Density or volume indicates the volumetric mass of sodium silicate liquid. Density is one of the important criteria in analyzing the quality of this compound. You may want to measure the density of sodium silicate liquid yourself after purchasing it. You can use an eco-meter or hydrometer to do this. The sodium silicate liquid price will vary depending on the amount of boom.

Click here to see more of the mentioned products and also to register their order.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know the quality of the liquid sodium silicate purchased is high?

 The quality of this chemical compound is measured in terms of adhesion strength, heat tolerance and friction resistance. Also, real buyers can perform on-site tests at the time of purchase to be aware of the quality of the product.

2. What is the liquid sodium silicate price?

Prices are being updated and changed due to currency and dollar fluctuations. Also, the price is determined according to the receipt, boom, weight, etc. For detailed information on the price of this chemical compound, contact the sales expert of Iran Silicate Company.

3. Is it possible to sell sodium silicate liquid online from Iran Silicate site?

Yes, you can do this from the menu at the top of the page and from the store section, first select sodium silicate and then its type, i.e. sodium silicate liquid, finally click on the product you want and you will enter the page to buy your desired product. Finally, after the necessary checks, you can contact the sales expert to place an order.

4. How to identify the required residue when buying sodium silicate liquid?

In general, if the product is produced in industries such as metalworking, concrete and construction, sodium silicate liquid with high residue is needed for the product to have super strong strength. For detailed information on determining the exact sample you need, you can benefit from free consultation of Iran Silicate experts.

last word

The criteria mentioned in this article from Iran Silicate are part of the influential factors in determining the sodium silicate liquid price. For detailed information about the price of this product, you can contact the numbers on the site. Selling sodium silicate liquid experts to provide you with valid reasons and documents in line with the quality and sodium silicate liquid price in creating a sense of confidence to buy from Iran Silicate Company. Of course, having a brilliant 30-year history in the field of selling sodium silicate liquid inside and outside the country is all we have to prove the quality of the product. In this 30-year path, we have been able to use the experiences of professional Iranian silicate engineers to succeed in producing the highest quality chemical compounds. Gaining your satisfaction, industry owners, is our long-standing pride.

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